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Greater Lansing Area Sports Hall of Fame
Richard Letts Community Service Award
Larry Cockroft - 2015
Larry Cockroft may be one of the most beloved personalities
to ever come out of the Greater Lansing Area.  His
association with sports has put him in a position to do what
he loves the most - teach young athletes and watch them

Larry earned his bachelors degree from Western Michigan
University and graduated with a masters degree from
Michigan State University.  His love for teaching and
coaching took him on a 35 year journey through Haslett and
Okemos High Schools.  He has worn many hats - teacher,
administrator, community volunteer and coach.  Larry has
been a top notch official, officiating all sports, and receiving
special recognition on many occasions for his great work.  
His own personal athletic achievements, if listed on paper,
would stretch a mile long.

But the word that may describe Larry Cockroft the best is that
of Ambassador.  There aren't many who have done more to
promote sports and community than Larry.  He is a man who
has given far more than he has received to his community
and there most likely isn't anyone who would disagree that
his dedication and generosity has shaped the community for
the better.  Thank you Larry for your support and for giving
so much of yourself to your students, both in the classroom
and on the playing field.