1998 Recipient
Caesar "Paul" Pizzo
1999 Recipient
Emil Kletke
2000 Recipient
Kris Nicholoff
2001 Recipient
Clayton Kowalk
2002 Recipient
John Demmer
2003 Recipient
Joan VanDervoort Snider
2004 Recipient
Tony Benavides
2005 Recipients
Kellie Dean, Lyle McFadden
2006 Recipient
Don Monette
2007 Recipient
Javier Cavazos
2008 Recipient
Tony Noyola
2009 Recipients
Curt Munson, Judy Munson
2010 Recipient
Bill Archer
2011 Recipients
Bruce Thelen, Fred Whitten
2012 Recipient
Bill Demmer
2013 Recipient
Joel Ferguson
2014 Recipients
Jack Roberts, Dr. John Shinsky
2015 Recipients
Larry Cockroft, Judge George Economy
2016 Recipient
Carl Wagner
Greater Lansing Area Sports Hall of Fame
Richard "Dick" Letts
Community Service Award
In 1998, the Greater Lansing Area Sports Hall of Fame began honoring Lansing area
citizens whose work, efforts and dedication have improved the quality of life and afforded
opportunity to youth through sports and recreational activity.

The Richard "Dick" Letts Community Service Award reflects the spirit of its namesake.  A
humanitarian, public servant and civic leader, Letts symbolized the Lansing Area's
allegiance to worthy causes.  His work with the City of Lansing spanned 44 years and his
work with volunteer organizations was almost endless.

It is with tremendous honor and reverence that the Greater Lansing Area Sports Hall of
Fame recognizes the following recipients of the Richard "Dick" Letts Community Service
Richard Letts