Joseph F. Farhat-Pocket Billiards

1964-1979           Proprietor & Owner of Velvet Rail Billiards

1965                      Instrumental in having Senator Don Potter introduce a bill which enabled

                                   minors to enter billiard rooms

                               Served several years as President of Billiard Room Proprietor’s Association

                                   of America

1968                     Hosted Billiard Congress of America US Open

1971                      Encouraged Lansing Community College to offer a course in Pocket Billiards

                                   which resulted in over 40 years of the course being offered

1986                     Inducted into the Women’s Professional Billiard Association

1988                     Inducted into the Michigan Pocket Billiards Hall of Fame

1988                     Received an award from the Billiard Congress of America

                                  for the promotion and development of women’s pool

1988                     Sponsored hundreds of Billiards Congress of American Women’s and Men’s

                                 Tournaments plus many Pool Leagues including Oldsmobile and Boy’s Club