Holt High School Football (1972)

Year: 1972

Inducted: 2012

BACK ROW (left to right):  Coach J. Reynolds, R. Kleiman, R. Alderman, R.M. Montgomery, R. Shart, J. Knivila, M. Tuttle, B. Lindsay, D. Briggs, D. Seehase, Head Coach D. Briggs, Coach W. Hanning

THIRD ROW (left to right):  E. Houghton, M. Montgomery, R. Maxey, J. Wise, S. Rivera, D. Shechuck, C. Ross, D. Burt, T. Doerr, S. Anderson, C. Hildenbrand, B. Wyman

SECOND ROW (left to right):  Player unidentified, R. Tuttle, B. Purdy, N. Fudge, E. Montague, R. Darbor, M. Thornton, J. Tropf, E. Wedley

FRONT ROW (left to right):  T. Snyder, R. Henderson, T. Brown, J. Buckley, T. Reich, V. Vowels, D. Seehase, S. Martin