Lansing Everett High School Football (1954)

Year: 1954

Inducted: 2009

BACK ROW (left to right):  Coach Bauer, R. Sudberry, D. Look, Coach Shippey, G. Guile

THIRD ROW (left to right):  R. Slee, G. Hause, R. Dennison, D. Brink, R. Lundy, T. Truscott, B. Bernard, J. Nelson, J. Gearhart, C. Gebhardt, R. Kniffen, W. Shepherd, R. Quenby

SECOND ROW (left to right):  E. Wallace, R. Quinn, R. Landis, J. McClain, R. Ledford, J. Squires, H. Marsh, G. Bennett, R. Graham, L. Drayton, L. Harris

FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT):  B. Chocola, R. Nobel, J. Schwab, D. McSherry, R. Spore, F. Wilson, D. West, J. Dean, M. Wilson, D. DuBois, L. Haggart, P. Atwood

Undefeated and Untied Season (8-0)