St. Johns High School Football (1951)

Year: 1951

Inducted: 2006


FIRST ROW (left to right):  Don Martis, Dale Henning, Keith Tiedt, Doug Cook, Gerry Benedict, Alan Smith, Jim Stiffler, David Conklin, Andy Hatta

SECOND ROW (left to right):  David Wakefield, Dick BUrns, Dennis Gallagher, Keith Barrett, Doug Knight, C. G. Symmonds, George Black, Jim Richards, Coach Carey, Coach Bennett

THIRD ROW (left to right):  Manager Dick Hull, Mark Eaton, David Puetz, Paul Buehler, Gordon Matter, Bruce Fitzpatrick, Larry Maier, Jim McNutt, Wayne Beaufore, Dick Hasselback, Larry Bissell, Gary Rice, Bruce Woodbury