Thomas O’Brien

Sports Writer

This nomination is made for a lifelong resident of Lansing, who may not be remembered for his sports endeavor as opposed to his relating himself to the field of sports and what he did to encourage participation and bring the spotlight to those who were and to be known as great athletes as the result of his being assistant sports editor of the Lansing State Journal. He received his training and tutelage at the Journal from the famous George Alderton.
Even before that time he had been writing for various communities, including his own school papers, and visiting with writers in the community before becoming part of the Lansing State Journal staff.
Mr. O’Brien has been prominent in the Lansing area all down through the past few years. His writing ability has been recognized by may within the sports world throughout the country. He has made fas friends of athletes as well as the people who have been responsible for pursuing and developing the sports area. His contribution to Michigan State University sports program is well known and has continued and will continue as long as Mr. O’Brien is within the area. His contributions to the community and other areas is equally well known and is what might be termed Lansing’s greatest unrewarded sports enthusiast.